JDV Products, Inc.

Manufacturer of Tools for Telecom/Utility and Electronic Industry
JDV Products, Inc. has been manufacturing a broad line of wire wrapping and unwrapping tools for the past 30 years at our Fair Lawn, New Jersey facility.

JDV primarily services the Telecom/Datacom, Electrical/Utility, and Electronic Assembly industries.


JDV Products, Inc. is VESSEL’s Exclusive USA Distributor for Air Nippers and Blades
JDV Products, Inc. is VESSEL’s Exclusive USA Distributor for Air Nippers and Cutting Blades. These industrial cutting tools are primary used in the Plastic Industry for degating injection molded parts which are found in the automotive, medical, electronic, and consumer markets.

Moreover, the VESSEL air nippers can be adapted and used in other industries for various applications such as to cut wire or metal, crimp solderless terminals, cut and trim electronic components around PCB boards, remove product from a jewelry tree, be used as a die-cutter for aluminum or plastic components, punch a hole or slot into molded products, help dismantle recycled parts, and so much more.

If you are looking to prevent manufacturing downtime, to help increase your long-term cost savings, and looking to achieve a precision clean-cut finish each time, then VESSEL brand air nippers and blades may be your answer. VESSEL’s world class air nippers and blades are made from the finest raw materials, undergo special heat treating processes for durability and reliability, and are a brand that you can feel confident with from around-the-clock operations to high-precision cutting.

Why JDV Products?
JDV Products, Inc. offers more than 30 different air nipper body models and over 300 standard and special cutting blade options making JDV one of the largest suppliers of VESSEL brand air nippers in the industry. We can even help you get a custom blade made to meet your specifications in case a standard blade will not work for the work piece.

Need Help Selecting the Proper Air Nipper & Blade?
For your next fixture build, if you need help to determine which air nipper body and blade style is suitable for your application, simply fill out our Degating Application Form or call a JDV Air Nipper Specialists at #201-796-1720 for technical assistance. Also, please note that JDV offers free test cutting and can provide you with 3D dimensional drawings on most items.

In addition, JDV Products, Inc. is an Authorized VESSEL Distributor on other products including static solutions (i.e., ionizers, static detectors, reusable sticky mats,ect.), pneumatic tools, general hand tools, fastening bits, and other accessories.