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ReelCaddy Wire Caddy & Reel Dispenser, Short Post
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A More Efficient, Easier, and Cost Saving Method! RC-01 Series ReelCaddy

  • Converts two-man operation into one-man job!
  • Very compact, mobile and user-friendly
  • Easily fits through doorways and inside most man-lifts
  • Handles & dispenses up to 300lbs (depending on model)
  • Ergonomic loading technique helps prevent back injury
  • Accommodates most cable reels up to 23" in diamater
  • Dispense multiple reels simultaneously (depending on model)
  • Easily stores on Vehicle - Breaks down into 3 pieces

Perfect for Electrical Contractors:
Any Commercial, Industrial, or Residential Electrical Contractor will greatly appreciate the ReelCaddy. This unique wire caddy/reel dispenser is designed to prevent heavy lifting during the loading process, makes it easy to handle heavy weight, and in seconds converts into a horizontal dispensing position acting as a jack-stand. Overall, this piece of equipment helps prevent back injury, saves valuable time, and is very user-friendly.


The RC01 Series effortlessly handles and dispenses cable reels with I.D. holes larger than 1-1/4", diameters up to 23", heights up to 36", and not exceeding 300 lbs. (Model RC01S recommended for up to 150 lbs and RC01L suitable for up to 300 lbs in weight.)


Popular Applications:
  • Romex (up to 1000 feet)
  • MC / Armored Cable
    (1000 Ft. 12/2, 12/3, 500 Ft. 8/2)
  • Coax (RG59, RG6)

ReelCaddy w/ 24" Spool Post
ReelCaddy w/ 36" Spool Post
24" Spool Post
36" Spool Post
Optional Brake Kit (for ReelCaddy)
Reusable Cable Reel (no Handle)

ReelCaddy includes: T-Handle, Base w/ Wheels, and Spool Rod
Spool Rods are Interchangable with each ReelCaddy Model

DataComm: New Reel Handling Equipment is Needed Today!
With new developments geing built, network interfaces are being installed in hard to reach locations, such as the sides or rear of residential neighborhoods. This makes it very difficult to position service vehicles to get to these work areas. A technician must either estimate how much wire is needed, or will have to carry heavy reels of wire. This may lead to wasted cable and back injuries.

When using the ReelCaddy, operators can easily transport heavy cable reels from service vehicle to the jobsite. Now the technician can cut off the exact amount of wire needed for the job without “estimating” which leads to cost savings.